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Advance Vehicle Diagnostics in Baltimore and Cockeysville, MD

At Paul’s Automotive in Baltimore and Cockeysville, MD, we're proud to introduce our advanced vehicle diagnostics service, powered by the best state-of-the-art equipment around. We use the following equipment to diagnose the toughest car problems:


Key Features: The ATS eSCOPE ELITE 4 goes beyond basic code readings. It conducts an in-depth analysis, providing our technicians with real-time data on your vehicle's condition.


Key Features: EScan ELITE transcends conventional scan tools, transforming onboard vehicle data into actionable insights through its integrated system tests.


Key Features: The iGas5 Elite Intelligent Gas Analyzer by Automotive Test Solutions is an innovative tool designed to address a spectrum of issues related to engine combustion and emissions. This intelligent g]as analyzer is instrumental in diagnosing problems such as inefficient fuel combustion, irregularities in air-fuel ratios, and emission control system malfunctions.


Key Features: This cutting-edge equipment is designed to diagnose a range of mechanical issues within a vehicle, specifically relating to engine misfires, irregularities in rotating components, and potential issues with suspension systems.


Key Features: This tool is a comprehensive pressure transducer kit with software for misfire detection. We can view in-cylinder, intake manifold, and exhaust system pressures all at the same time. It aids in everything from camshaft timing to misfiring cylinders.


Key Features: A leak detection system that quickly and precisely locates leaks of all sizes, large to very small. We use this to find leaks in EVAP systems, A/C systems, engine cooling systems, head gaskets, tires and wheels, air ride suspensions, air brakes, and much more.


Precision Vehicle Diagnostics Near Me

Our full-service auto repair facilities have invested in revolutionary diagnostic tools from Automotive Test Solutions, designed to unravel the complexities of modern vehicle systems. This cutting-edge device allows our ASE master-certified technicians to delve deep into your vehicle's internal systems to quickly identify issues and provide accurate solutions.


Whether you are dealing with engine performance problems, transmission-related issues, electrical system troubles, or fluid leaks, we’ve got you covered with our advanced diagnostics. Not only will our technicians explain the results to you in a clear and concise manner, but we’ll walk you through the best solutions.


We are upfront with our estimates, and Paul’s Automotive has flexible financing if you need it. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our 2-year/24,000-mile nationwide warranty on all services. For extended coverage, consider our up to 3-year/36,000-mile warranty with NAPA EasyPay.


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Visit Paul’s Automotive at our convenient locations in Baltimore, MD, and Cockeysville, MD, and experience auto diagnostics like no other. Your satisfaction is our priority!  

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