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Airbags Need Repairs?

When it comes to the modern-day vehicle, airbags are not the first vehicle item you'd think that needs repairs. But it makes sense, considering how sensitive the airbag system has grown to be. Airbags are designed to detect impacts and made to quickly and automatically inflate to provide vehicle passengers a safe cushion. 


Just like any other car part, airbags can be faulty. The more significant concern is not if it goes off by accident, but whether they would deploy when needed. The airbag has many sensors to calculate its response, and the sensors are where most airbags need repairs. 

Airbag Warning Light and Sensors

If the sensors pick up an error, you may see an airbag warning light lit up on your dashboard. The light could be lit for many different reasons, including deactivation, water damage, need to reset, you forgetting to put on your seat belt. Most passenger side or rear airbags also have weight sensors that turn off if no one is sitting in the seat. Sometimes the passenger airbag light will be lit even if no one is present; in this case, it would be best to take your car to a technician to have it checked out. 

Airbag Replacement or Repair

If you were in an automotive accident that set off your airbag(s), then you'll need to have the safety equipment replaced and have all the sensors reset. You want to leave this to a trained automotive expert as it's a very tedious job. Thankfully, you can trust our team at Paul's Automotive to make sure your airbags, sensors, and overall airbag system work the way they should. When it comes to your safety, you should never take any chances. 


For auto repair services in Baltimore, MD, and Cockeysville, MD, please do not hesitate to call or visit Paul's Automotive today. 

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