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Monthly Archives: February 2022

Is It Safe to Drive with ABS Light?

Is It Safe to Drive with ABS Light?

Weather and traffic conditions can be unpredictable whenever you're on the road. Especially this time of year, Baltimore roads can be wet and slippery, making many drivers rely on their brakes. While you may fear that your primary brakes cannot handle the slick roads, have no worries because your vehicle has an ABS or anti-lock brake system.   The ABS is a safety component installed in all vehicles today, and they are designed to stop your brakes from locking up after heavily pressing on the pedal. This system aims not to enhance your stopping power but instead to prevent your tires from locking up, skidding, and hydroplaning. Therefore, you should trust that your ABS will engage if you need to brake on  slick or wet roads.   When this light comes on your dashboard, it means that the anti-lock system isn't working as it should and has been deactivated. Your regular brakes will still work, but if you slam on them, the ABS may not engage. However, you may risk ... read more

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