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How Do I Know If I Need a Wheel Alignment?

Proper vehicle maintenance doesn’t just involve oil changes and car washes. Your wheels play an integral role in vehicle performance and need love and care too. One of the many tire services you will need for your car is wheel alignment. Your tires can get misaligned naturally over time. But most of the time, it comes from careless mishaps like running into a deep pothole or hitting a curb. Below are the typical signs it’s time to go in for a wheel alignment service:


Sign #1 - Abnormal Tread

If your tire tread has become significantly worn down since the last time you’ve looked at it, it may be more than a sign to replace your tires. Irregular tread wear usually means your wheel alignment is off. Please note the wear: is it cupped, on the outer edges, or center? 

Sign #2 - Tires Squeal

Driving isn’t always a silent experience, but you shouldn’t notice squealing sounds under normal circumstances. If your wheels are misaligned, the tires will not make proper contact with the road that could sometimes result in a squealing sound. The sound is simply to alert you of the problem.

Sign #3 - Crooked Steering Wheel

One way to tell if your car wheels are misaligned is if you have challenges turning your steering wheel. After making a turn, if the steering wheel does not naturally turn back to its original position, then there's likely an alignment issue.

Sign #4 - Pulling to One Side

Your vehicle pulling to one side is an apparent sign that your wheels are not angled straight. If the surface you are driving on is smooth and refined, your vehicle should continue going straight.  


If your vehicle shows any of the above signs, please get in touch with Paul's Automotive immediately! Driving with misaligned wheels is not only hurting your wheels and the car, but it can also put you in grave danger. Give us a call at (410) 324-7155 or visit our shop today!

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