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How to Prepare Yourself for Winter Driving

During winter, roads can be hazardous. Driving during a snowstorm can be a significant setback, making it vital to prepare before winter. Service your Car, drive cautiously, and carry a winter car emergency kit to ensure your car is ready for any winter storm or winter driving.

Winter Driving Preparedness

1. Drive a Little Slower than Normal

Account for extra time while driving during the winter period. The slower the car moves, the easier it will be for you to control the skidding on ice. Follow the set speed rules. If you are uncertain of the road condition, please use a speed of around ten mph.

2. Allow for Additional Travel Time

Create additional time for the journey no matter how familiar you are with the road. Remember, it's wintertime, and you need to be cautious. Consider adding extra hours to your average travel time. Focus more on safety rather than fast arrival.

Proper time management will help you beat the crazy winter traffic.

3. Remove snow from your Car

Clear the snow falling on your Car. Get rid of extra snow on your windows. It will help remove chunky ice that might hurt other drivers or road users. Flying snow chunks can cause terrible accidents.


Prepare Your Car for the Winter Season

1. Test Your Car Battery Before Winter

Winter weather is not friendly to car batteries leading to poor performance. The cold temperature strains the battery cells, lowering their efficiency. Let a professional check on your battery cables and fluids beforehand.

2. Purchase Winter Grade Oil

If you are in an area likely to experience high snow levels, consider changing your car oil. Winter grade oil is less likely to freeze. Thinner oil is crucial for cold seasons. 5W- 30 oil has lower thickness.

3. Think About Snow Tires

Snow tires come in handy for harsh winter seasons. You'll be able to drive through any magnitude of snow. Driving through heavy snowy terrain and slippery roads becomes easy.

Bring your car to Paul's Automotive in Baltimore, MD right now if you need support having your car ready for the winter.

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