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Top Signs of a Faulty Water Pump

The water pump plays a vital role in the vehicle’s cooling system. It helps keep the engine cool and maintain an optimal temperature. Most vehicles on the road today have sophisticated cooling systems that last longer. However, the water pump is not spared from problems later in the vehicle’s life. That is why we feel like it is necessary to educate our customers on the signs of a failing water pump. 

What Are the Signs of a Faulty Water Pump?

Whining Sounds - You should never overlook any strange sounds that your car makes. While whining sounds can mean other things, such as bad brakes or failing belts, they can also be the culprit of a bad water pump. When the insides of the pump wear down, it can be noisy when it operates.

Coolant Leak - Coolant fluid, antifreeze, and radiator fluid are all the same thing. It is an essential part of the cooling system and is responsible for cooling the engine. If the radiator fluid leaks, make sure to check the water pump. 

Rust - The water pump is one of many components under the hood that is made of metal. And because it is exposed to moisture, it can rust and corrode over time. Hence, you may experience coolant leaks due to a rusty water pump. 

Engine Overheating - Last but not least, a faulty water pump left unnoticed can lead to major engine overheating and even failure. If you notice your engine running hot or blowing steam, please pull over ASAP. You should have your vehicle towed to our auto repair shop for repairs. 

If you need water pump repairs, please do not hesitate to call or visit the experts at Paul’s Automotive in Baltimore, MD.

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