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What Are the 6 Symptoms That Indicate You Need Transmission Repair?

When a transmission issue surfaces, it's important for drivers to act fast by taking their car to an auto repair shop. At Paul’s Automotive in Baltimore, MD, we can assess your transmission symptoms and repair your transmission so that your minor problem doesn’t grow to be a major one. Otherwise, you could risk getting very expensive repairs down the line. Here are the 6 early warning signs that indicate you need transmission repair.

Sign #1: Vehicle Jerks When Shifting Gears

Your transmission could be running with worn-out parts if you've noticed it shakes or jerks excessively when you switch gears.

Sign #2: Popping Out of Gear

If you're just cruising and your vehicle jumps out of gea out of nowhere, then you've got a clear indication that your transmission may be in trouble. This mechanical issue poses a safety risk because you will no longer have control of your vehicle when this occurs.

Sign #3: Grinding Sounds

If you have a manual transmission, grinding is a common sign that the clutch has started falling apart.

Sign #4: Noisy in Neutral

If your vehicle shakes or makes unusual noises while sitting in neutral, that could mean you have a transmission issue on your hands. It's possible that you have leaking or dirty transmission fluid

Sign #5: Burning Smell 

If you've noticed that your transmission lubricant smells burnt or has turned to a dark red color, please come by Paul’s Automotive. Otherwise, your transmission parts can suffer even further without proper lubrication.

Sign #6: Red Fluid Leak

If you’ve noticed a reddish fluid puddle sitting under your car, there’s a good chance that it is transmission fluid. When you indicate this fluid leak, it is important that you bring your car to Paul’s Automotive for an inspection immediately.


If you need transmission repair for your automobile in Baltimore, MD, please be sure to visit the auto specialists at our auto repair shop soon. Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online appointment form today to schedule an appointment for your vehicle services and repairs.

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