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What Do The Dashboard Warning Lights In My Car Mean?

Your dashboard is the center of information for learning about the condition of your car's complex internal systems. The dashboard lights can remind you when it's time for maintenance, and they can also signal trouble. There are five warning symbols on your dashboard that you should never neglect:


Electrical System Fault Light

The electrical fault light depicts a car battery and is one of the most critical warning lights on your dashboard. When it illuminates, it signifies a problem somewhere in the electrical system of your vehicle. While neglecting it may not cause significant damage right away, you may not be able to start your car next time around.


Tire Pressure Light

The TPMS light on your dashboard is another one you should be able to read. Most of the time, it resembles a tire. Driving with underinflated or overinflated tires is very dangerous as it impacts the handling of your vehicle. Your tire pressure should always meet the requirements listed on the sticker on the driver's door frame.


Oil Pressure Light

The oil pressure light is illustrated as a conventional oil can, and when this light is on, it's pretty urgent. It usually suggests you're either running low on oil or your oil pump isn't working correctly. In other words, you are not getting enough motor oil to lubricate your engine correctly. You should address this problem ASAP, as you can experience irreversible engine damage.


Coolant Temperature Light

The coolant temperature is indicated by a figure that looks like a thermometer dipped in liquid. This light comes on whenever your engine is on the verge of overheating. This type of warning requires a professional to diagnose the root cause (for various reasons). When this light illuminates, it is advised to stop driving and let the engine cool down before you try to inspect your coolant levels.


Check Engine Light

This warning light is yellow and pictured as an engine block. The check engine light is usually the most severe and brutal warning because of the kind of damage it can imply. Engine damage should always be taken seriously.


Any of these lights require a proper inspection to determine the necessary repairs. If any warning lights come on your dash, we invite you to take your vehicle to Paul's Automotive. Our expert team can get down to the bottom of your warning light with no problem. Give us a call or visit our shop in Baltimore, MD, today!

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