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What Does the Suspension System Do?

Automobile suspension is an important part of every vehicle, but we believe it is not talked about enough. The suspension system supports your vehicle and keeps it balanced and stable while you operate it on the open road. Read on to learn more about the vehicle’s suspension parts. 


Did you know that the suspension includes your tires, springs, shocks, struts, and more? A properly maintained system keeps your vehicle’s handling and braking in check. You don’t have to worry about your car potentially tipping over or bouncing over every road bump. The suspension system can also be modified and tailored to your vehicle and its needs. That is why they look different on a standard automobile vs. commercial vehicle vs. race car vs. off-roading vehicle.


Just like any other vehicle part, there are components in the suspension system that require replacement over time. Here is how to tell when you may need your suspension inspected:

  • The vehicle drifts and pulls when turning
  • The vehicle bounces excessively over bumps
  • The vehicle dives when braking
  • The shocks or struts leak fluid or look greasy
  • The car vibrates or shakes
  • Tires are noisy
  • Uneven tire tread

Suspension issues tend to overlap with alignment, steering, and even tire issues. That is why you should promptly have your suspension checked out ASAP. Otherwise, the damage can spread quickly.


If you believe your car is due for suspension repair, please bring your vehicle to the suspension experts at Paul’s Automotive today. We provide the best quality suspension repairs at fair prices. Feel free to give our friendly team a call today if you have any questions or concerns.

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