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Why Does My Car Squeal When I Brake?

There are a few sounds that can make you cringe. These may include fingernails scraping on a chalkboard, a train coming to a screeching halt on the tracks, or your brakes squealing when you stop. There may not be much you can do about the train or the fingernails on the chalkboard, but you can see a licensed technician at our shop when your brakes begin screeching.

It Could be a Signal of Worn out Brake Pads

The most common signal that your brake pads are wearing out is the squealing from the brakes. That is there is a metal wear indicator that gets exposed when the pads wear out. When it is exposed, the brakes produce a screeching sound to make you aware that your brakes need your attention.

You May Have Loose Brake Parts

The braking system on your car is made up of many parts. These include rotors, and possibly drums, hoses, and calipers. If one of these parts becomes loose, it could cause a vibration. That would in turn cause a squeaking noise when you go to stop.

Weather or a Road Condition

Many times, though, you will find that there is not a problem with the brakes on your vehicle at all. You will find that the squealing is coming from an issue on the road, or maybe there is snow, sleet, rain, or another weather condition that is causing the car to screech when you stop. When the weather conditions are unfavorable, it may cause the components of the brakes to become wet. When this happens the brakes will squeak during stopping. To prevent weather-related screeching, you should keep the vehicle in the garage at night.

Regardless of the many reasons your vehicle's brakes may be screeching, it is essential to have the vehicle looked at. That is true even if it is weather-related. The brakes are a safety factor in the car. If you need your automobile checked out because the brakes are squealing, bring it to our automotive repair shop. We have professional and courteous licensed mechanics waiting to service your brakes!

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