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Winter Driving Tips

One of the seasons of the year in which it becomes more difficult to drive is winter due to the drop in temperatures. Not only pipes in the house can freeze, but any objects that are exposed to the cold, such as cars and roads.

Some tips for safe driving in winter are:

• Wear your seat belt: The first thing to keep in mind is that you should not stop wearing a seat belt, not only because of driving regulations but also because in the event of an accident it can save your life.

• Have the right tires: Your tires must be able to be properly inflated to control the vehicle. And in icy or snowy places, winter tires are preferred.

• Fill your fuel tank: Always keep the tank at least half full. It is possible that the nearby gas station is closed due to bad weather.

• You must stay alert: Pay attention to cars in front and behind. If you are tired, don't drive, especially when the weather gets extreme.

• Drive slowly: Snow can arrive in quantities that can cloud visibility. Slow down according to driving conditions.

• Leave a distance between your car and the following car: Do not be too close to the following car, in case you have to stop you will not collide with the neighboring car.

• Beware of black or transparent ice: When the ice begins to thaw, black ice can form later, which is hard to notice but is slippery like normal ice. Pay special attention to all forms of ice and drive slow enough for the conditions.

• Time to buy a new car: If your car is old and unreliable, you are more likely to have a problem in winter. Insurance is priceless, and it may be time to investigate a new plan.

These tips will help you to be able to drive more safely in the winter. If your car has an accident, look for a quality repair shop. We invite you to bring your vehicle to Paul's Automotive in Baltimore today!


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