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Monthly Archives: March 2022

6 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Fuel Injector Cleaning

6 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Fuel Injector Cleaning

Keeping your vehicle's fuel injectors clean ensures your car, SUV, or truck continues to get you where you need to efficiently without enduring engine damage. These components deliver fuel to the engine at the right time and of the right amount to ensure optimal performance and fuel economy. They disperse the fuel through nozzles, and they can get dirty over time. And it can take as little as one filthy nozzle to compromise your car's overall performance.    What Are the Signs of Dirty Fuel Injectors? Lowered fuel economy - Since your injectors are directly related to fuel consumption, bad injectors can seriously bring down your MPG. If you're getting fewer miles than before per tank, you should have a professional check out your fuel system.  Failed emissions test - When your injectors spurt out an unproportionate amount of fuel, your car ends up producing more emissions than what is deemed safe. If your vehicl ... read more

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